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Hi There, 
I'm Nicole

Welcome to Sweetini's 

The summer before I entered the 4th grade, my amazing Mom let me bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Her only rule was "clean up after you are done."  My family's nurturing spirit and support paired with my powerful sweet tooth has paved the way for my business, Sweetini's Cake Shop.

Knowing I wanted a food-centric education, I majored in Food Science and Management in college.  I attended Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA.  I was blessed with parents who were committed to helping me find my path.  My Dad found DVC (now DVU), which was a perfect blend of academics and athletics and close enough to NJ for my fan base to come watch my soccer games. 


Obtaining a business background in the food industry was important to me, hence my Management background vs a full on culinary degree.  This decision proved fruitful through my job experience in the food ingredient manufacturing and distribution industry where I learned a plethora of skills, including ingredient functionality, formula costing, sales & marketing, and food safety and quality assurance.  I made several stops at small bakeries and cafes where I worked as a baker, cook, and manager.  My broad experience in the exciting, ever changing food industry has set me up for success in my business today.

While my tenure in the industry provided intangible business acumen and skills, I wanted more specific education to hone my skills for cake decorating, which I have done as a hobby for as long as I can remember.  After researching local programs, I enrolled at ICE (Institute for Culinary Education) in lower Manhattan in October 2018.  For 6 months, I traveled to the city and earned a certificate in the Art of Cake Decorating Program, directed by Chef Toba Garrett.  Chef Toba and the staff at ICE have been instrumental in my professional development as a Cake Artist.  Chef Beth and Chef Penny were phenomenal instructors and business women, from who I continue to learn from today.  

The culmination of my journey made way for the birth of Sweetini's Cake Shop, officially, in 2018.  Branding and marketing were facilitated by my talented brother in law, Justin, of Fourg Athletics. 


Sweetini's is a highly customized cake and dessert shop.  We focus on cakes you can't get at grocery stores.  Cakes that tell a story, reflect a certain moment in time, and help to celebrate life's beautiful moments.  We are a scratch bakery, making all of our cakes, icings, sugar flowers, decorations, etc., by hand.  We pride ourselves in our customer service, flexibility, and dedication to understanding your vision for your dessert or cake.

We specialize in wedding cakes, custom birthday cakes, sugar cookies, and custom cupcakes.  We can create bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, children's birthday cakes, retirement cakes and cookies, and more.  We can make sculpted cakes to look like a handbag,  tiered cakes to celebrate a milestone birthday, or a smash cake for your child's first birthday.  There is no order too little or too big.  We offer complimentary delivery on your first order.

We are a custom cake shop serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as parts of New York.  We mainly serve the following local towns, however will travel up to 40 minutes for delivery.  Pick up options are available from our home based, Department of Agriculture inspected and licensed kitchen. 

Custom cakes Doylestown, PA

Custom cakes Ottsville, PA

Custom cakes Warrington, PA

Custom cakes Warminster, PA

Custom cakes, Jamison, PA

Custom cakes, New Jersey, 

Custom cakes, Pennsylvania

We can ship our custom sugar cookies to anywhere in the country!  We also can deliver our custom cakes and cookies to Philadelphia, Westchester, or New Jersey.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the start of Sweetini's Cake Shop.  We hope to bake up something special for you and your family.  Thanks for stopping by!






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