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Our custom cake offerings are made tailored to your taste buds.  Mix and match your cake flavor and filling, or contact us for a flavor paring suggestion.  Cakes are priced per serving, and also take into account special design requests, like fondant, sugar flowers, and sculpted work.  Fill out our dessert inquiry form to get your custom quote today. 

Cake Flavors

• Vanilla

• Moist Chocolate

• Red Velvet

• Sprinkle Cake (vanilla cake)

• Delicate Lemon 

• Chocolate Fudge 

• Banana 

• Spice Cake



• Cookies & Cream

• Lemon Curd 

• Buttercream (see Icings section below )   

• Chocolate Ganache

• Chocolate Mousse 

• Vanilla Mousse

• Cream Cheese



• Vanilla Bean

• Chocolate

• Strawberry

• Raspberry

• Espresso

• Salted Caramel

• Amoretto Mocha

• Lemon


Non-Buttercream Icings

• Chocolate Ganache (smooth, firm finish)

• Fondant

Servings and Pricing

Custom cakes are offered by the serving.  Cake pricing starts at $5 per serving and is dependent upon design elements, materials, and labor.  Fondant covered and Wedding cake pricing starts at $7 per serving.  Not sure how many servings you need?  Check out our                                                          or submit a Dessert Inquiry Form below for a custom quote!



Cupcakes make for a fun and easy way to serve dessert.  Decorated to match the theme of your special occasion, check out our gallery for more ways to display cupcakes.

Cupcake Flavors

• Vanilla

• Moist Chocolate

• Red Velvet

• Delicate Lemon 

• Chocolate Fudge 

• Banana 

• Spice Cake



• Vanilla Bean

• Chocolate

• Lemon

• Strawberry

• Raspberry

• Espresso

• Salted Caramel

• Amoretto Mocha

• Cookies & Cream

Gourmet Cupcakes

• S'mores: graham cracker crust base, chocolate cake, marshmallow meringue icing

• Cookie Dough: vanilla bean cake hollowed and filled with cookie dough, iced with vanilla buttercream, topped with drops of cookie dough

Quantities & Pricing

Minimum of 12 cupcakes per flavor combination.  Cupcake pricing starts at $3.25 per cupcake and is dependent upon design details.

Gourmet cupcake pricing starts at $3.75 per cupcake.


Our decorative sugar cookies can add a fun splash of color and elegance to your dessert table and can be made to match any theme.  Great for baby or bridal shower favors or centerpieces, or name cards at a birthday brunch.


Minimum of 12 iced sugar cookies per order


We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to accommodate any event or theme.  Fill out our dessert inquiry form and let us do the rest!


Cookie pricing depends on cookie size and desired design and detail.  The average price is $4.00 per hand decorated cookie.  Fondant covered cookies carry an additional charge.  Fill out our dessert inquiry form for a custom quote today!

*Shipping options available

Sugar Cookies

Thanks for stopping by!

When placing an order for a custom dessert, there are a few key pieces of information to help us get started including the date you need your dessert and your budget.  Please fill out our dessert inquiry form below and we promise to get back to you in 24 hours.  Need a special dessert in a hurry?  Check out our shop for some of our stock offerings!

Shipping options are available for cookie orders.  Delivery or pick up options are available for custom cakes and cupcakes.  Please be advised that our delivery fee is $0.58/mile (we are located in Ottsville, PA 18942).  


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