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Dessert serving guide

Cake Serving Chart


Sugar Cookies

Round Size









# of Servings









We approximate 1.25 - 1.5 cupcakes per person, depending on whether or not there will be additional desserts at your event.  Sweetini cupcakes are standard size.  Check out our shop for our Summer  cupcake specials!

Sugar cookies make memorable, artistic favors at baby or bridal showers, name cards at a birthday brunch, and can adorn any holiday table.  As a favor, we recommend 1 decorated sugar cookie per guest.  For gatherings, 1-3 cookies. Assorted Christmas and holiday boxes available with multiple sizes and shapes.

Please note these serving sizes are specific to cakes offered by Sweetini's.  Slices are based off of an approximate 1x2" slice which is industry standard.  Cakes, buttercreams, and fillings are rich.  Sweetini custom layer cakes are 3 cake layers and 2 filling layers, unless ordering a sculpted cake or otherwise noted.  A cake cutting guide will be provided with your order.  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have! 


Quick Pricing Guide:

* Buttercream cakes start at approximately $4.50 per serving

* Wedding and fondant covered cakes start at $7.00 per serving  

* Sugar Cookies start at $4.00 per cookie

* Cupcakes start at $3.75 per cupcake

CAke & cookie Care

Cakes and Cupcakes

Sugar Cookies

Sweetini's Cake Shop is a scratch bakery.  A dessert must taste as good as it looks!  We are pleased to offer you baked goods prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients.  We use real butter, eggs, milk, and cream in our recipes.  For this reason, it is best to keep your cake refrigerated in the day(s) before your special occasion. We want you to get the full effect of the rich, fluffy icing, and tender, flavorful crumb, which is why we suggest you enjoy our desserts at room temperature.  Think of a stick of butter, solid when refrigerated, but soft at room temperature. Remove cake from fridge at least 2 hours prior to enjoying (or planning to cut).  Cake can also stay out longer, especially if its an indoor event or out of direct sunlight.  Buttercream will soften in humid and hot temperatures.  Keep fondant cakes in boxes while in fridge to prevent moisture migration.

Our sugar cookies are individually wrapped or heat sealed unless otherwise noted or requested.  Sealed cookies will maintain optimal quality for 2 weeks at room temperature.  Iced cookies can be frozen, and will keep for up to and beyond 3 months.  For best results, enjoy our freshly baked goods within 1-2 days of receiving.

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