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DIY Cookie Kits for All Occasions

Looking for a kid friendly activity this Winter season? Sweetini's Cake Shop has a cookie kit for any occasion. We've created a fun DIY all inclusive cookie kit for you and yours to enjoy. Complete with baked cookies in various shapes, several icing colors to chose from, and a fun variety of sprinkle packs, DIY cookie kits are a fun, and tasty, craft to enjoy.

Create traditions and memories all year round with our speciality DIY cookie kits!

Decorating cookies together can become a year round activity! Most of us associate cookies with Christmas, and while that is the most wonderful time of year for cookies (and in general!) there are many other opportunities to enjoy a tasty DIY craft. Our DIY Cookie kits are a great activity for kids and adults of all ages. Our birthday cookie kits make for a perfect craft for an at home birthday party or sleepover party. We suggest throwing down a paper tablecloth for easy clean up! Choose from our existing DIY kits, or create your own! We can customize your kit especially for you. Whether its for an animal lover, service member, or nature lover, we can fully customize the cookie shapes and icing and sprinkle colors.

So many cookies, so little time! Here are some fun DIY Cookie kit ideas.

  • Birthdays

  • Valentine's Day

  • Easter

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Halloween & Fall Harvest

  • Christmas

Here is our newest DIY Birthday themed cookie kit. Complete with candle, cupcake, balloon, and present cookies. The cookies will come wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap

for safe transport. Gently knead the icing bags prior to cutting the tip of the piping bag. Start small, icing comes out fast! Finish off your cookie with decorative sprinkles. Display your cookies as edible pieces of art, or enjoy as a snack on the spot!

In addition to the dinosaur and butterfly cookie kits below, we also have farm and tractor themed cookie kits, cars and truck kits, and spa themed cookie kits. All colors and cookies can be customized.

Unicorn and butterfly themed

DIY cookie kit.

Dinosaur lover themed DIY cookie kit

Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect cookie kit for you! Visit our shop to view what you've seen in this article, or email us at and allow us to customize your kit and make your next event even more memorable.

Sweetini's is a custom bake shop, specializing in custom and themed cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. We service central and Northern New Jersey and Eastern PA, Bucks County. We enjoy creating edible art for you to enjoy with loved ones to celebrate all of life's beautiful occasions. We create custom tiered wedding cakes, bridal and baby shower favors, and custom birthday cakes and matching smash cakes. We are happy to help bring your ideas to life or provide our creative assistance! We look forward to baking for you and becoming a part of your families traditions. Thanks for stopping by!

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