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Bored Baking

Growing up, for me baking was always a treat. My mom would say, “as long as you clean up,” when I asked her if I could bake. She always supported me and never held me back! Some of you may not share my enthusiasm for baking, but with time on our hands these days and limited options for entertainment, baking may not seem like such a bad idea! I wanted to share some quick recipe ideas if your baking cupboard is a little bare. Just tonight I had a to recalculate 3-4 times before settling on some delicious, butterscotch like blondies (I had to sub the white chocolate chips for semi-sweet, but it was every bit as delicious)! So, if you find yourself with the basics (eggs, butter, flour, sugar, salt) you can by all means whip up a thick batch of blondies. Throw in some cocoa powder and you’ve got yourself some brownies! Subtract the cocoa, add some chocolate chips and you’re able to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. It’s fun to experiment with fruit, like banana bread, and also a great way to use up that overripe produce (you'll need some vegetable oil for this one, which most of us have in our pantry). Just remember to be creative, keep an open mind, and that you’re never too far away from an easy, delicious dessert. Happy Baking!

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