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Bridal Shower Favors & Edible Save the Dates

Save the Date Calendar Sugar Cookies

We all want to create a memorable, fun experience for our guests throughout our entire wedding process. From the Save the Dates to the place settings, to the first dance, each detail at your wedding is a special one. Sweetini’s Cake Shop would love to help create a memorable wedding planning journey.

Looking for a creative way to mark your guest’s calendars for your special day? We have an edible idea that you may want to consider! Calendar Save the Date sugar cookies. A fun, personal wedding invitation idea that is definitely unique. We made these for a beautiful bride as favors for her bridal shower, but these can double as your Save the Date for your guests.

These cookies are highly customizable and personal! Match the colors of your wedding to the cookie décor. Here we highlighted the maroon color featured in our bride’s Fall wedding with the color of the month, as well as the color of the ribbon used to tie the bridal shower favors.

Our sugar cookies are amongst our most popular custom dessert items. Our recipe was created to offer you a balanced eating experience, that doesn’t take you to “over the top sweet.” Our sharp royal icing contrasts a tender cookie, that nearly melts in your mouth. These cookies are durable and hold up well during shipping. Sending as favors or Save the Dates in the mail? Not a problem, these cookies will maintain their quality for up to 2 weeks after they are made.

Whether you are just starting out or farther along in the process, Sweetini’s is here to help! We are your custom wedding cake solution! Contact us to learn more about these fun, edible bridal shower favors, or to schedule a wedding cake tasting.

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