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Tea Party Sugar Cookie Favors

There is never a shortage of events and occasions to celebrate. Life is full of beautiful moments which are up to us to cherish and capture. We recently made tea party sugar cookie favors for a beautiful bride (and dear friend!) to celebrate her bridal shower. Our cookies were featured both as the party favors and had a spot on the dessert table. A cookie was placed at each guest’s place setting.

Each bridal shower sugar cookie features several decorating techniques, while the colors and style keep the collection cohesive. These tea pots were airbrushed with a hint of gold to match the handles and lids of the tea pots, as well as the antique spoons. The sugar cookie tea spoons were flooded and meticulously piped to create the textured look under the gold paint. A leaf tip adds a pop of color to the cookies.

Finally, a wet on wet royal icing technique was used to embed a cluster of delicate roses in our second sugar cookie teapot favor design. We embellished these with piped and dried royal icing flowers.

Our tea party sugar cookie favors can also be used to celebrate the arrival of a baby, simply by changing the lettering on our banner. The emerald ribbon pictured below adds a warm pop of color to contrast the golds and pinks. The bridal sugar cookie favors can be customized to match your bridal or baby shower colors.

This year, continue to choose life, family, and joy, and be sure to always count your blessings and reasons to celebrate. Here at Sweetini’s we are honored to be a part of your celebrations. Thanks for stopping by!

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