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Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies are a fun way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. Our sugar cookies have just the right amount of sweetness and make the perfect ending to any meal!

Who can forget those classic conversation hearts from our youth? Those bite size pastel hearts had a range of sayings like "Love You," "Miss You," or "Call Me." Harmless flirting at its finest! Although NECCO (New England Confectionary Company) is sadly no longer in business, Sweetini's is offering a sugar cookie rendition of this old classic. Available in those same nostalgic colors, Sweetini's cookie conversation hearts are a crowd pleaser. If NECCO were to manufacturer their Sweethearts in 2021, you can be sure "Text Me," would be included in the mix!

Back by popular demand are Sweetini’s DIY Cookie Kits, featuring a Valentine's Day theme. Gift our DIY kit or get one for you and your special someone and share a fun Valentine activity together! These DIY cookie kits make a great activity for the kids as well. Visit our shop to view our different cookie kit options.

Our Valentine's Day heart sugar cookies are hand rolled, baked, and iced. We pipe each heart cookie with its own unique style, while maintaining a cohesive color and design theme. Our Valentine’s Day themed sugar cookies make a great gift for your special someone. Ship to a friend across the country or have delivered to your door for a tasty Valentine treat to share with loved ones.

No matter who is on your list, our heart Valentine cookies make a great gift for family and friends alike!

  • Gift for husband/wife

  • Gift for boyfriend/girlfriend

  • Teacher gift

  • Classmate Valentine

  • Kids activity

Shipping options are available on all of our featured Valentine’s Day cookies and kits. Happy Valentine's Day from Sweetini's Cake Shop!

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